About Us


Christ Leaders World is a New Covenant Christian ministry dedicated to developing New Covenant leaders for the Body of Christ. Headquartered in Bolgatanga, Ghana, we are committed to educating, training and developing people to build their lives, leadership and ministries on the foundation of Christ through the Gospel of Christ. Our purpose is to raise an army of Christlike leaders and to develop a community of Christ-centered churches.

Our Mission


To develop potential and practicing Christlike leaders for the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Our Vision


Develop one Christlike leader at a time, influence a generation over time

Our Ministries

Christ Leaders World is accomplishing its purpose through three wings:

  1. Christ Leaders Mentoring Academy (CLMA)

    CLMA runs four Christ-centered certification courses for individuals and churches through face-to-face interaction, online and self-study as follows:

    • Foundation Certificate in Christ
    • Certificate of Christlikeness
    • Certificate of Christlike Leadership
    • Certificate of Christlike Ministry

  2. Christ Leaders Media Ministry (CLMM)

    CLMM focuses on bringing the saving power of the gospel of Christ to the world through the media including traditional media, social media and short clips and films.

  3. Christ Leaders Community Church (CLCC)

    CLWCC focuses on raising and supporting a community of Christ-centered churches for the work of the ministry of Christ. We do this through our trained Christlike leaders called to ministry.

Join us at Christ Leaders World as we journey together, growing in faith, knowledge and influence and making a lasting impact on the Body of Christ and the world around us.

For more information about us, programs and events, please visit our website or contact us through the following:

Christ Leaders World

Address: SSNIT House, Q4RV+4JG, Bolgatanga, Ghana

Phone: N/A

Email: info@christleadersworld.com

Our Focus



Christ is God’s true foundation for life, leadership and ministry



Christlikeness is God’s definition of true life


Christlike Leadership

Leading like Christ is God’s definition of true leadership


Christlike Ministry

Making Christ the center of Ministry is God’s definition of true ministry

A Word from the Executive President

In Christ Leaders World, we unveil Christ to reveal you in Him. We live, worship, learn and work together as a Christ-driven family with the sole mission of raising an army of Christlike leaders and developing a community of Christ-centered churches. We pray that as you interact with this website or join this family, your personal life, family life, workplace, career, business and ministry would be driven, shaped and powered by Christ. Our programs, certification courses, books and sermons are for free. Visit our store to download our books for free. Share them to as many people as you can and direct others to this website to download our materials for free. God bless you as you share the gospel of Christ to the world with us Welcome to Christ Leaders World!